Ramp "adjustable", 76 cm width, Alu

Key Facts
  • Innovative design for easy access and for overcoming small obstacles (indoors and outdoors)
  • Ribbed and anodized surface provides additional grip, even in wet conditions
  • Made of high-strength, scratch-resistant aluminum
  • The mini-threshold ramps have practical carrying handles and can be folded
  • Easy to handle

Product Description

Adjustable threshold ramps
There are 3 different threshold ramps that are practical and very easy to position. You can overcome various thresholds, small individual steps and other obstacles. The corrugated and anodized surface ensures a reliable hold even in wet conditions and is highly resistance to scratches. The ramps are easy and flexible to use.

Product name Doorstep
Material Aluminium
Product weight [kg] 1.6
Length [mm] N/A
Type One-part
Width 76 cm
Max load 350 kg
Max step height 30-70 mm